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50 Years ago today 1T57 ran, on the 11.8.18 45699 heads past Deepthwaite with the CME.48151 heads through Kirkby Stephen on 14.7.18 with the CME .45699 heads past Holme on 23.6.18 with a CME.45690 attacks Aisgill with the returning Dalesman tour on attacks Aisgill with the returning Dalesman tour on (45407) heads away from Glenfinnan  on 29.5.18 with the Jacobite.45157 (45407) heads away from Fort William with the morning 'Jacobite' on heads over Aisgill viaduct on 22.5.18 with the returning 'Dalesman'.48151 heads past Angrholm on 22.5.18 with the returning 'Dalesman' tour.60103 heads away from Birkett Tunnel and up Mallerstang with Steam Dreams 'Cathedrals Express' from Edinburgh to Preston on 22.5.1860103 heads away from Carnforth on 17.5.18 with its East Lancs to York move.48151 heads away from Ribblehead on 15.5.18 with the Dalesman tour. The wreath on the front in memory of Albert Seymour .British India Lines returns past Waitby on heads past Deepthwaite on 12.5.18 with a CME.35018 heads past Sherriff Brow on 20.4.18 with day 2 of the GBX1 tour.45690 heads for Carnforth with the returning CCE on 24.3.18'Leander' heads over Eskmeals viaduct with the Cumbrian Coast Express on heads towards Nethertown on 24.3.18 with the Cumbrian Coast Express.'British India Lines' heads into Carnforth loops on 21.3.18 to pick up the SALOPIAN EXPRESS to Shrewsbury.35018 'British India Lines' heads past Bay Horse on 7.3.18 with a Carnforth circuit test run.