Zenfolio | TODAYS RAILWAY SCENE by Phil Metcalfe | Freightliner Operations 2012
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86627 & 86622 head 4M27 Coatbridge to Crewe past Hincaster on 13.12.1266553 passes Woodhouse on 11.12.12 with 6M11.66553 passes Woodhouse on 11.12.12 with 6M11.66513 passes Croxton on 23.11.12 with a coal service from Immingham.Still in DRS livery, Freightliner's 66419 passes Elmsfield  with 4S41 Fiddlers Ferry to Hunterston.66623 passes Barrow upon Trent with a stone service from Bardon Hill on heads past Armathwaite with 6M32 on 24.5.1270002 returns with 6K27 Carlisle to Crewe at Brock on 16.5.1270002 heads 6C16 Crewe to Carlisle engineers past Bay Horse on 16.5.12Still in DRS livery, Freightliners 66415 heads 6M11 upto Ais Gill on 28.3.1270014 heads 4S41 past Beck Houses on 3.2.1266621 passes Docker with 6C16 on passes Winwick jc with a Liverpool to Ratcliffe PS service.