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158753 approaches Garsdale on 18.12.21 with 1M53 09.19 Leeds to Carlisle.390119 passes Outbeck loops on approaches Carnforth on 25.11.21 with 9S54 08.43 London Euston to Edinburgh.TPE 802206 heads towards Carnforth on 21.11.21 with 5Z22 Carlisle to Preston test run.390042 heads away from Bolton Le Sands on 13.11.21 with 9M52 Edinburgh to Euston.68022 heads past the River Derwent nr Huttons Ambo on 6.10.21 with 1T74 16.34 Scarborough to York.185119 passes Huttons Ambo on 6.10.21 with 1T39 16.00 York to Scarborough.68025 nr Huttons Ambo on 6.10.21 with 1F72 15.34 Scarborough to York.68022 approaches Huttons Ambo on 6.10.21 with 1T37 15.00 York to Scarborough.185122 & 185119 pass Huttons Ambo with 1T70 14.34 Scarborough to York.68032 pass Huttons Ambo on 6.10.21 with 1T66 12.34 Scarborough to York TPE service.158753 approaches Dent Head with 2H95 16.18 Carlisle to Leeds on heads through the Lune Gorge with 9M86 14.53 Edinburgh to London on 24.8.2167015 passes over Cefn Mawr viaduct on 19.7.21 with 1W96 17.12 Cardiff Central to Holyhead.158754 approaches Blea Moor tunnel with 1M53 09.19 Leeds to Carlisle.195106 heads over Carlisle Bridge on 14.7.21 with a Windermere to Manchester Airport service.390129 crosses the River Lune on Carlisle Bridge - Lancaster on 19.6.21 with 1M14 1335 Glasgow Central to London Euston390119 passes Hest Bank on 19.5.21 with 1M14 13.35 Glasgow Central to London Euston.195105 passes Crag Foot on 7.5.21 with 1U97 13.52 Barrow-in-Furness to Manchester Airport.802201 passes Yealand on 5.5.21 with a Carlisle to Bolton test run.