Zenfolio | TODAYS RAILWAY SCENE by Phil Metcalfe | DB Shenker Operations 2015
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90039 heads past Carnforth on 21.12.15 with a Warrington to Shieldmuir extra Xmas Mail service.66077 heads past Carnforth on 8.12.15 with a Warrington to Shieldmuir extra Xmas Mail service.90029 & 90035 head past Bolton Le Sands with 4M25 on unloads a Biomass train from Immingham as 66116 heads for the unloader with a Coal service from Kellingley. In the background 66098 waits to depart with stone empties to Tunstead. passes Carnforth with a Mossend to Wembley train of empty china clays.Record shot of 60001 passing Carnforth with a Robeston to Grangemouth wagon move on & 90026 head 4M25 past Carnforth on & 90026 head 4M25 past Rowell on heads past Burton on heads past Bay Horse with 1M03 on heads past Stirling Middle signal box with a Hunterston to Longannet coal sevice on 30.3.15.DRS liveried 90034 passes Carnforth with 4M25 Mossend to Daventry on 16.1.15.