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47739 heads past Carnforth with a Rugby to Kilmarnock move as 57314 heads into the loops on 20.12.13A Very late running Grangemouth to Sinfin tanks pass Carnforth on 19.12.13 with 56094.56105 catches the light at Carnforth on 21.11.1356105 passes Beck Foot on 19.11.13 with 6J37.56087 passes Hincaster on 24.10.13 with 6J37 to Chirk.56087 passes Elmsfield on 17.10.13 with 6J37 Carlisle to Chirk logs.56087 heads away from Carnforth on 9.10.13 with 6J37.56087 heads towards Galgate on 28.9.13 with the Carlisle to Chirk logs.66713 waits at Crossrails Westbourne Park terminal on 4.9.13 with a spoil train for Northfleet.66702 comes of the Kensington Olympia line Nr Clapham Jc on 4.9.13 with a spoil train for Northfleet56105 passes Hest Bank on 29.8.13 with the Sinfin to Grangemouth empty tanks.56105 & 56087 pass Burton in Kendal on 9.7.13 with 6J37.56087 & 56105 pass Carnforth with 6J37 on heads past Bay Horse on 4.7.13 with the Sinfin to Grangemouth empties.56094 passes Carnforth on 3.7.13 with 6J37. It failed at Preston.47739 passes Hest Bank on 20.6.13 with the returning Sinfin tanks.56087 & 56105 pass Bolton Le Sands on 17.6.13 with 6J37.56302 & 56087 pass Yealand on 10.6.13 with 6J37 to Chirk.56087 passes Morecambe sth jc with 6J37 on 7.6.1356087 passes Hest Bank on 6.6.13 with 6J37.