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66090 heads over Ribblehead viaduct on 30.11.17 with the 1450 Newbiggin  to Milford West Sidings.90024 & 90019 pass Rowell on 6.10.17 with 4M25 Mossend to Daventry.66145 passes Ribblehead on 10.8.17 with the New Biggin Gypsum to Hull Coal Terminal.66138 approaches Settle on 18.7.17 with the Newbiggin to Hull empty Gypsum.The Hardendale to Margam Limes pass Bay Horse on 27.3.1766021 heads past Bay Horse on 27.3.17 with the Clitheroe to Mossend Cements.66076 passes Ribblehead on 13.1.17 with the Newbiggin to Hull empty gypsum.