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66607 heads towards Edale on 11.12.13 with its Drax to Tunstead empties.66535 passes Arten Gill on 31.8.13 with a Hunterston to Hunslet yard coal.86638 & 86627 pass Elmsfield on 12.7.13 with a Coatbridge to Crewe liner.86627 & 86628 pass Carnforth on 1.7.13 with 4M27 Coatbridge to Crewe.66549 passes Hall Hill on 19.6.13 with a Killoch to Ratcliffe coal service.86627 & 86609 pass Hincaster on 8.6.13 with 4M01 Coatbridge to Basford Hall.66510 passes Well Heads on 8.6.13 with a Fiddlers Ferry to Carlisle yard service.66415 passes Rowell on 13.5.13 with its Fiddlers Ferry to Hunterston train.70015 passes Monk Sidings on 2.4.13 with the Ellesmere to Fiddlers Ferry service.66952 departs from Fiddlers Ferry Power station on Profile.70016 passes Galgate on 30.3.13 with a Basford hall to Lancaster engineers.66515 approaches Blea Moor tunnel on 12.3.13 with a Killoch to Drax coal train.66515 passes Ais Gill on 5.3.13 with a late running Killoch to Drax service.70004 pulls past 60011 as it departs Latchford Sidings with its Ellsemere to Fiddlers Ferry service.66557 departs from Carnforth loops on 1.2.13 with Hunterston bound empties.