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After heading into Carnforth 37069 & 37038 take over and pass Starricks Farm and head for Birmingham66302 & 66420 head through Silverdale with Spitfires 'The Cumbrian Crusader V' tour on 17.9.1186259 takes over the Catherdrals Express from 70013 and passes Bolton Le Sands on arrives at York with UK Railtours 'The Edinburgh Military Tattoo' tour on 11.8.11 to Edinburgh55022 passes Starricks Farm on 8.7.11 with the ECS for Spitfires 'The Devonian' to Paignton.67001 passes B-L-S with Cheshire Cat Railtours returning Edinburgh to Stratford upon Avon trip.67013 passes Scout Green on 24.6.11 with the Three Peaks Bangor to Ravenglass leg.86101 passes Carnforth on 6.5.11 with Rail Blue charters 'West Coast Premier II trip to Edinburgh.67019 heads over Arten Gill on 30.4.11 with Rail Blue charters 'Great Western Fellsman.55022 heads past Oubeck loops on 4.3.11 with the ECS for the positioning tour to London.