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47815 heads past Carnforth with a Carlisle to Leicester move.67027 & 67023 head away from Carnforth with a Derby to Edinburgh test train.37116 heads over the River Lune at Arkholme on 24.3.17 with a Blackpool to Derby test train.37025 Crew changes at Carnforth on 23.3.17 with its Carlisle to Blackpool test train.37025 brings up the rear as the pair head for Carlisle on departs for Carlisle via the coast on & 37025 head past Bay Horse with a Derby to Carlisle test train via the Cumbrian Coast.The Inverness to London Caledonian sleeper pauses at Aviemore on 3.3.17 with 67013.  A DB 67 has been brought in to cover for the 73s.37099 waits at Morecambe with its Blackpool to Derby test train on pauses at Carnforth for a crew change with 1Q82 Carlisle to Blackpool North on waits at Morecambe on 27.1.17 with its Blackpool North to Derby test train.37116 approaches Bare Lane with the returning test run. Quite unusual to be in Daytime!!37116 & 37245 head along the Heysham branch nr Oxcliffe Rd with a Carlisle to Carlisle test train.37245 passes Morecambe Jn Ground Frame where 1Q82 will reverse and head for Heysham on heads towards Carnforth with a Craigentinny to Crewe test train on 4.1.17.