Visitors 163

47804 & 47854 pass Starricks Farm on 25.11.16 with a ECS for Norwich.47802 & 45699 depart from Carnforth with the ECS to York for the Scarborough tours this week.37668 & 37669 head away from Kellet Rd Bridge towards Capernwray with WCRs Scarborough Spa Express on & 37669 head away from  Carnforth with the Scarborough Spa Express on 30.6.1637706 & 37669 pause at Carnforth with the Scarborough Spa Express on 30.6.1637668 & 37669 depart from Carnforth with WCRs tour to Scarborough on arrives back into Carnforth with 37668 & 37669 on 14.6.16 after a test run to Hellifield.57315 heads away from Carnforth at Station Jc with a ECS to Hitchin.47854 heads away from Carnforth on 13.5.16 with the second set of coaches for the Jacobite services.57316 & 57313 head towards Silverdale with Statesman Rails run around the coast.