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60011 then passes Hapton nr Rose Grove heading for Sheffield and then back to London.60011 heads passed Hoghton on 10.11.12 with UK Railtours 'Pennine Panorama 2' tour.67006 passes Elmsfield on 5.11.12 with a Inverness to Crewe ECS.East Midlands 43054 & 43073 pass Langcliffe on 18.8.12 with UK Railtours St Pancras to Carlisle tour20309 & 20308 head past Park South Jc on 7.7.12 with Pathfinders Stratford-upon-Avon - Carlisle tour37608 & 37069 pass Elmsfield on 6.4.12 with day 1 of the 'Easter Chieftain' from Exeter to Dumbarton86259 passes Hest Bank on 31.3.12 with the london to Carnforth leg of the Cumbrian Mountain Exp.90020 passes Carnforth with a Bo'ness to Wembley ECS movement with SRPS stock on 21.3.1286259 passes Hest Bank with the CME on 18.2.12. 44932 & 45305 took over at Carnforth for Carlisle.