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66109 passes Colton Jc with a empty coal service on passes Carnforth with 1S07 Willesden to Shieldmuir on passes Carnforth with 1M22 Shieldmuir to Warrington on 10.12.1192041 heads the delayed Tesco Express passes Elmsfield on waits for its crew change at Carlisle whilst working 6E68 New Cumnock to Drax on 1.12.1192009 heads past Benson Hall just north of Oxenholme with the China clays on passes Lambrigg on 2.11.11 with the Tesco Express.66149 heads towards Blea Moor Tunnel with 6K05 on 19.10.1166101 heads towards Blea Moor Tunnel on 19.10.11 with the Clitheroe cement.Thunderbird 67024 & 90024 waiting for the Sleepers at Edinburgh Waverley on  8.9.1192041 departs Carnforth on 7.9.11 with 6S94 China Clays.DBS 92016 passes Burton on 7.9.11 with the Tesco Express.DBS 92016 passes Carnforth with the Dollands Moor to Irvine China Clay train on heads past Mexborough Jc on 9.8.11 with a Peak Forest to Selby train.92034 heads thr Tesco Express past Brock on 14.7.1166007 passes Catterall on 14.7.11 with a Carlisle to Hoo Jc engineers.92017 passes Bay Horse on 13.7.11 with the Dollands Moor to Irvine china clay.After a 20min stop at Carnforth 67029 heads away for Liverpool on 8.7.11.The DBS Management train heads past Keerholme with DVT 82146 leading and 67029 on the back.92001 heads past Beckfoot with 4S43 on 28.6.11. The disused Lowgill viaduct is in the foreground.