Visitors 128

66520 passes Beck Foot on 28.12.17 with a Mossend Pd Stirling  to Daventry service.90045 & 90046 glint pass Pine lake with 4S44 on & 90048 pass Carnforth with 4S44 on heads past Hatton on 3.10.17 with 0612 Leeds F.L.T. to Southampton M.C.T.90045 & 90043 head past Shap Wells on 19.6.17 with 4S44  Daventry to Coatbridge.90042 & 90045 head towards Morecambe Sth Jc with a Daventry to Coatbridge on passes Bay Horse on 23.4.17 with a  Coatbridge to Daventry liner.66614 passes Beckfoot on 25.3.17 with the 0935 Hardendale Quarry to Guide Bridge Yard.66606 passes Carnforth on 15.3.17 with its Hardendale to Tunstead service,70011 heads towards Carnforth with 4S44 to Coatbridge on heads away from Carnforth as the sun starts to set with 4S44 Daventry to Coatbridge on 4.1.17.