Visitors 490

48151 heads over the River Lune on Carlisle bridge with the returning Santa Special on heads past Wennington on 10.12.17 with a WCR Santa Special.The 8F gets away from Lancaster as it passes over the River Lune on 3.12.17 with the Santa special.48151 passes nr Eldroth on 3.12.17 with a WCR Santa special around the Hellifield circuit.45231 passes Starricks Farm on 15.11.17 with its mainline test run around the Carnforth circuit.44871 heads over Capernwray viaduct on 6.10.17 with its move to the KWVR.About 1hr 30 mins after 45690, 45699 arrived back at Carnforth with the Lune Rivers Trust tour.45690 arrives back into Carnforth on the 30.9.17 with the Cumbrian Coast Express.45690 heads past Deepthwaite on 30.9.17 for Carlisle.35018 heads away from Hellifield with its first public run on 30.9.17 with the 'Lune Rivers' tour.60163 heads past Deepthwaite on 16.9.17 with the Border Raider.46115 heads past Waitby Common on 7.8.17 with the returning 'Dalesman'.46115 heads past Waitby on 7.8.17 with the returning 'Dalesman'.46233 misses the sun at Blea Moor with the Northbound CME on 5.8.17.Duchess of Sutherland heads up the bank at Brownhills on heads towards Pleasington on 5.8.17 with the CME.Nearing the end of its mainline ticket,46115 heads past Bay Horse with the returning Fellsman 1.8.1748151 heads towards Birkett Tunnel on 18.7.17 with the returning 'Dalesman'.Flying Scotsman heads past Ais Gill with the returning 'Waverley' on heads for Lancaster at Bay Horse with the 1st of the years returning 'Fellsman' tour.