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SY 0435 hauls a Coal service away from Dalong mine on 29.2.047163, 7002 & 6808 on Daban shed on 1.3.04.Daban shed on 4.1.04.QJ 6631 waits at Daban shed on 1.3.04.QJs on Jinpeng Pass QJs head up Happy Valley on & 7040 service at Jinpeng Station on 4.3.046876 & 7040 service at Jinpeng Station on 4.3.04A pair of QJs head over Si Mingyi viaduct on 4.3.04.A Pair of QJs head down 'Happy Valley' on the Jinpeng Pass on SYs wait at Diaobingshan station on the Tiefa system on 10.1.057041 waits at Daban shed on 11.1.05. Would loved to have seen it move and break the ice!!6828 waits at Shangdian summit on nr Lindong on 12.1.05.Baiqi shed on 13.1.05.A C2 loco departs from Dahuichang  stone railway on 15.1.05.OL49 7 & OL49 69 pause at Wolstyn shed on 11.10.05.OL49 69 turns on the Poznan turntable on 13.10.05.OL49 7 Heads a Wolstyn to Poznan service on 14.10.05.OL49 69 has a run pass on the Leszno branch on 14.10.05 driven by yours truly!!! Nice Clag.